Do carbs make you fat? Can you lose weight by not eating carbs?

Do carbs make you fat? Can you lose weight by not eating carbs?

Carbs have long been associated with bad reputation but in reality we still have to eat carbs to maintain good health. The secret we need to know is to eat the right carbs and avoid the unwanted fatty foods that cause unwanted fat around the abdomen and other parts of the body.

What do carbs do?

First of all, you have to understand that carbs are a good source of minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals for good health.
In other words, carbs are essential in the daily diet to maintain health. In addition, carbs provide essential nutrients for the brain to function normally. If you remove the carbs completely from the menu, you will find it difficult to concentrate.

Do carbs make you fat? What kind of carbs should you eat?

The best choice for you is to eat complex carbs, often found in high fiber foods. Complex carbs break down slowly in the blood, so that blood sugar is stable throughout the day. This helps you feel less hungry at times when you may feel hungry, like mid morning and mid afternoon.

On the other hand, the carbs you should keep away are simple carbs. These simple carbs are easy to break down, making the blood filled with simple sugars.
This promotes the rise of insulin to bring glucose to the cells in the body, resulting in a sudden increase in blood glucose, which makes you feel restless.

Unfortunately, your brain becomes highly addicted to glucose along with the sensations associated with it, urging you to open the refrigerator or pantry to meet this need.

Over time, high blood sugar and insulin levels will lead to bad outcomes such as:

• The excess fat in the body more and more

• Burn less fat

• Finally, liver damage and even cancer

Apparently, bad carbs are nothing to mess around with. It causes you to develop obesity and become ill, even severe in some cases.

That means you should stay away from harmful carbs. Carbs to avoid are:

• Grains that are refined (white bread, white rice, rich pasta)

• Ready-to-eat fast food (candy, chips, cheeses)

• White potatoes

• Soft drink

• Types of sugar in general

Instead, choose these beneficial carbs:

• Fresh fruit

• Vegetables without starch

• Gluten-free cereals (such as buckwheat, millet, quinoa, brown rice)

• Nuts

• Kinds of bean

• Unpasteurized milk products (such as yogurt, butter …)

So, the question “do carbs make you fat” has it’s answers. If you have eaten much carbs in the past which made you overweight, you can now start losing weight with a healthy diet. It’s a diet that focuses on the hormones in the body, especially insulin and three other hormones that have been shown to play a role in weight gain and weight loss.

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